Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Whitetrash Bar-B-Que

Sometimes at a good BBQ you can't always choose what to eat as easily as you would think, especially when the all the food looks delicious. To avoid being a heathen you have to sacrifice one or the other to your palate and sometimes that results in feelings of reget and self-lothing. Or perhaps I just take food too seriously.Well thanks to the good people at Supersizedmeals.com they have solved this culinary conundrum. The meal consists of a hotdog wrapped in cheese, then wrapped in rolled out ground beef, then wrapped in bacon, breaded, then baked. Hey at least its not fried. Try this at your next family BBQ (note: the more South you live the more this will be accepted by the majority of your gathering)
Enjoy the pictures!

One last thing: This is not tonight's meal. In the spirit of Marti Gras we will be cooking gumbo and blackened string beans. Pictures to be posted as soon as we get to it.

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