Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Old clothes have never tasted so good

So, with all that venison I had laying around we decided to do a pot roast. But this isn't your mom's pot roast (unless she happens to be Cuban, Spanish or Caribbean, then I guess it would be) this roast was simmered for three hours in a tomato and pepper based stew. Called Ropa Vieja, meaning old clothes, this meal is traditionally made with flank steak, but we are not your typical chefs. We hybridized your typical pot roast technique with the ingredients of ropa vieja and came with one of our best creations thus far. Combining tomatoes, peppers, and onions, we let this baby sit for close to three hours turning a half turn every 15 minutes. To accompany our roast we boiled up some black beans, plain Jane style, with some salt and lovin'. On to the starch: we peeled, cubed, and boiled some Yukon golds then coated them with some salt, pepper, and duck fat then roasted them in the oven until golden brown. So as to shed a little green on this meal as well as to protect our eyes from macular degeneration we steamed up some kale.
Typically the meat is fully pulled apart in ropa vieja, but we wanted to keep the pieces larger so as to resemble a typical pot roast, so we compromised with some minor tearing of the meat.
Excellent meal with excellent company.

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