Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I am not the biggest football fan (whatsoever), but the potentiality for slow cooked meats, thick and hearty dips, and crunchy fried skins keep me coming each year.
Guacamole can be a very impersonal dish. Just mash some avocados, red onions, some spicy seasonings and you're all set. But I went all out this year. While seeing some random commercial promoting a certain brand of avocados, I spied something that resembled a football field made of guacamole! I paused and rewound my DVR and emulated it on a smaller scale for this years Superbowl.
I did my usual mix of avocados, tomato, cumin pepper, dried chilies powdered in a blender, red onion, salt and pepper. Diced it up leaving some chunks but allowing it to be smooth enough to still be considered a dip. I then cut out little X's and O's from bell peppers using my handy dandy paring knife, as well as constructing the field goal posts from peppers and tooth picks. To top it all off I pipped on the field lines with sour cream and a zip-lock with a corner cut off. It was almost too cute to eat. The I filled the bleachers with tortilla chips. TOO CUTE!
Bring it to your in-laws next year to impress that brother of hers who thinks you're not good enough for his baby sis.

The pulled pork was out of this world and will hopefully be posted soon by the chef (Daniel)himself. Fourteen hours simmering resulting in 30 minutes of pulled pork goodness and almost instantaneous sleepiness.

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