Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back up to Date: Far from Suffering Succotash

It is always the most simple dishes that really resonate in your mind and trump some of the most complicated of concoctions. Every Tuesday it is usually Daniel who proclaims, "Oh this is my favorite recipe yet!", but now it is my turn. I defrosted a package of small venison steaks earlier that day. They were perfectly proportionally cut for myself, Daniel, Caitlin, and Jonathan. I whipped up a rub of cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, cumin, and red pepper flakes. I patted the steaks dry and rubbed the seasoning on. We heated up our cast iron skillet and seared them for two minutes on one side then another minute on the opposing side.
To complement these wondrous cuts of meat, Caitlin composed a succotash of lima beans, yams, corn, and shallot.
We placed the steak atop the succotash and took a hearty slab of sage butter we had made earlier that evening. To make the herb butter was simple: soften some butter, toss in some sage and roll it up in some seram wrap.
The meal was so complete we even forwent the construction of a salad.
It was the most simplistic, non-time consuming, least preparatory meal in weeks and I have to say it was my favorite so far.

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