Thursday, January 29, 2009

Deer Stew...Something different

Tonight I made a venison stew. Bad idea starting at 10:00 when you wont be able to eat it until 2:00am ...which is now.
I must say, it is very rich, but I now know what the term "game-y" means. It is almost like a fishy taste, though a little different and is temporary and fades while eating. Not a bad taste, but defiantly there. I enjoy it, it makes it taste...more natural? More from the earth? Or I may just deluding myself.
Anywho, I seemed to have over cooked it because there was not much "gravy" in the end, but it was far from dry. I am not even hungry but I am eating regardless. Hopefully it will metabolize and wont just sit like a rock in my stomach while I sleep.
I also watched the movie Gran Torino tonight whilst waiting for my stew to... well stew.
It was excellent and I was also informed that Clint Eastwood scores all of his own movies. Most impressive sir.
So goodnight and my hat goes off to Clint for another film well done.
Ps: I have pictures and info on this Tuesday's meeting, I apologize for my tardiness and will hopefully have a full write up by tomorrow.

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