Monday, January 12, 2009

Leg of Lamb and Potatoes Au Gratin

My Potatoes Au Gratin, abstracted and amended from this recipe. I substituted the original cheese (cheddar) with a 60 day old aged Fontina
While shopping for the cheese and other ingredients at Whole Foods we decided to experiment with cooking some lamb. With no recipe on hand and little patience for browsing for one on my blackberry in Union Square we bought a pre-herbed leg of lamb. Of all the places to get lazy with cooking, I would much rather be at Whole Foods than most any other chain grocery in the city for pre-seasoned meats. Broiled on both sides for around 8-10 minutes the lamb was tender and juicy beyond description. I should have included pictures of the food being served, but we were all so hungry that any thought of such action could leave the brazen photographer fighting over scraps.
Au Revior,

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