Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Some Catching up...

Well this morning, unable to sleep, I decided we should seriously blog about our meals. Many of my friends are aware of our club comprised of three members: Daniel, Myself and Caitlin. Dubbed the Tuesday Night Supper Club for obvious reasons has provided us with a way to stay in touch weekly and to try new things...culinarily speaking. If I remember its conception correctly I had a bag of ground venison and I offered to come by and cook Daniel and Caitlin a Shepheard's pie. My style of cooking tends to be a bit brutish; thus employing frozen vegetables, half-ass knife skills, total disregard for the Maillard reaction, and using bootleg non-stick pans. I have since moved past that and participating in this club has allowed for the honing of my culinary skills as well as keep in touch with some close friends who had defected to Brooklyn some time ago.
Pictures, brief recopies, and other things of interest will be discussed here, as well as damn near anything else that inspires us to share with the rest of the blogging community.
If all comes to fruition we will have a bounty of comprehensive recipes, mouth watering pictures, and unrestrained wine reviews.
Best regards and happy cooking,