Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bored, Hungry, and Unemployed

Today I had a hankering for some broccoli and cheddar soup, so I whipped some up.

Here are the basics:
2tbsp butter, saute one med. onion (coarsely chopped) all up in there with a sprinkling of garlic powder and white ground pepper.
Then add 1 quart of heated chicken stock, add 2 cups diced broccoli
Take a cup of whole milk, whisk in 1/2cup of flour then add that to the soup.
Let it sim simmer, salt and pepper to your liking. Wait until the broc is tender (once again to your liking) then add the 8oz of grated sharp cheddar
I added a bit too much salt, which as an over-salter tasted great to me, but perhaps not to everyone so use your own discretion.
I also made a quick sausage ragu, but got so caught up in cooking then eating I forgot to take another time.
oh and also here is a picture of my workshop

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  1. Lovin the drip action! Check out my roommates site.